Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey-ya Bama.ians! A few things to keep in mind:

1. Abolish fear.
Many of these photos are taken on camera phones and require very little effort or thinking (however, free thinking as well as creativity is highly encouraged!). Don't be afraid, lazy, or whatever the case may be. Shoot away and send them in!

2. Free Speech.
Please feel free to email any text, blurbs, etc. you want to have posted with the photo (optional).

3. Location is everything.
Tell where you hail from to put a little geography on this project.

4. Take credit where credit is due.
State whether or not you want credit, your name, website etc. to be posted with your photo or if you would like to submit anonymously. The choice is yours!

5. Spread the goodness.
Tell 5 people each day and send in at least 2 photos daily. It feels good, does good, and looks good!

6. Follow the leader.
Or at least, the blogger. Become a Bama follower! Creepier sounding than the reality of it... there is a section on the right hand side where you can join as a follower of this blog. This is a fun thing to do and makes us feel liked!

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