Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here are a few links people have sent me:

[[ ]]

Here you can add Hussein as your middle name and join the group on Facebook.


This is a great website that explores all the wonderful Obama art that is being created:

[[ ]]

People are creating amazing pieces. This website has lots of info as well as auctions so you can work on a collection yourself!



I can't think of a more delicious way to share support! This cake comes from the same house that our little Liam lives in. What an active family! If you too would like to make an Obama supportive cake, check it out here: [[ ]]


Little Liam here loves Obama so much! Listen to what he has to say about the candidates and the election... Maybe one day he will run! Energy from onions may be the wave of the future! Click on the following link:

Liam's Election Advice








Oh yes we do!


Yes, her poster says, "You Barack my world!"



DIY! Vote! Frightening.Prospect!

Check out this super cool website that gives you all the tools to spread the frightening prospect poster. Let's get this printed and pasted around the country. The website gives you access to download the poster as well as step-by-step instructions on how to paste it around town. Complete with a glue recipe! Go on... be active. Pro-Bama-Active! Paste them up and show us where they are! [[ ]]

Vote Sucka!



Here's some Mavericks for ya!








Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Money Down the Toilet

Some Oregonians know how to flush out the bad candidates!



A Witch Doctor?

Rama Lama
conjured up Alvin and the Chipmunks' Witch Doctor from the 60's.

And I can't help but wonder if witch doctors will be covered by McCain/Palin's health care plan? This really is so scary. Proceed with caution.


This poster speaks for itself! [[ ]] Inspired by the Edsles' song in the late 50's used in American Graffiti. Back in the days of hot rods, diners, and good old America.


Classic Keds have been politicized! Now you can run around town with some hope on your sole. You can walk your talk! These cool kicks are found here... [[ ]] and is hoping to heal with shoes, t-shirts, posters... my oh my! Check out this poster:

Monday, October 6, 2008


Ay ay! Muy caliente, this one! Too hot to touch! Another Dan Wagner image
[[ ]] taken outside NY's Caliente Cab... not only do they have great food, but also very large and in charge drinks that after one, make everyone look cuter than Palin.


This photo is courtesy of New York's Dan Wagner who is conducting a really cool project of his own. He is going around town, with big letters, and having people spell out OBAMA. What is not to love? They are visually stimulating images and are positively helping a great BAMA cause while inspiring hope in all of us. Check out more of his awesome OBAMA photos at the World of Wagner: Thanks Dan!


This is a yahoo-found image that was submitted. I am assuming that these are not compliments. And I am willing to make an ass out of you and me on this one. Hopefully not a a PRO-Palin pic. Could there be such a thing?



Hey-ya Bama.ians! A few things to keep in mind:

1. Abolish fear.
Many of these photos are taken on camera phones and require very little effort or thinking (however, free thinking as well as creativity is highly encouraged!). Don't be afraid, lazy, or whatever the case may be. Shoot away and send them in!

2. Free Speech.
Please feel free to email any text, blurbs, etc. you want to have posted with the photo (optional).

3. Location is everything.
Tell where you hail from to put a little geography on this project.

4. Take credit where credit is due.
State whether or not you want credit, your name, website etc. to be posted with your photo or if you would like to submit anonymously. The choice is yours!

5. Spread the goodness.
Tell 5 people each day and send in at least 2 photos daily. It feels good, does good, and looks good!

6. Follow the leader.
Or at least, the blogger. Become a Bama follower! Creepier sounding than the reality of it... there is a section on the right hand side where you can join as a follower of this blog. This is a fun thing to do and makes us feel liked!


Not a photo, but hilarious nonetheless! Seriously, it did seem like someone sat her down and gave her 5 new big words to throw in whenever she was unsure what to say. And what was with the winking?


Ok, who isn't a sucker for a baby? Especially a Baby got Barack baby. Both photos of this adorable little Bowie deserved to be shared with everyone. I mean, look at those legs! Bowie's got Barack and we've got love for Bowie! Never too young to be a proactive political supporter.

Bama got blogged!

Keep them coming! check out COMMANDC's blog:

Woo hoo! We love giving and getting attention!


CommandC, [[ ]] an awesome graphic design service center in Brooklyn, created this rad PRO.Bama poster. The poster was designed for To see their submission in full form and context, check it out and also vote for it here: ((it's in a contest! make them winners!))

Palin should live here...

... not really. She couldn't handle Williamsburg's main street, aka Bedford Avenue. Oh the Edge... all the hipsters in Brooklyn that hate you, now have a little bit-o-love for you. We can't help it. We hate you because of what you are adding to the neighborhood, but love your political activism!


Sunday, October 5, 2008


doesn't everyone?



YES! We are ready!!

Anti-Bama? Huh? Wha? No Way!

I can assure you that these fine gentlemen are in fact OBAMA supporters. However, an anti- thought it would be funny to show the opposite! Since there is a non-discriminatory policy here, they are posted. But please rest assured, these photos are a farce!

PALIN?? Is that Palin? No, no... again, a dirty trick played by the other party. How rude to take a nice democrat supporter like this little lady and put her head on a Palin like body!